First Day of School!

You know - I never thought I would say those words again once I had finished with my Bachelors degree from BYU (I swore I never would!). But 7 years I am.  

First day of school. And I showed up a few minutes late. Are we all not surprised? Actually, I would have been perfectly on time, but leaving Victoria Station is SO confusing and I got turned backwards so I had to run around a bit - and then when I did get to the building (in-time) I couldn't see the name (there was scaffolding up) and I couldn't remember the number so I ran to the other end of the long street and knew it wasn't on that end so I went back to the other end and realized I had been standing in front of it all along. O'well - the first day is the best day to be late. After today it is definitely more unforgiving. 

I don't feel overwhelmed, just excited. The class and the coursework appears to be just the perfect fit for me. There are only 8 full-time students (I think 3-4 are Postgrad like myself) and then there are 12 part-time students. The full-time students meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 10:00-4:00 with Wednesdays being work-on-your-own-projects/research-day. The part-time students come in on Wednesdays and then also for part of the day Thursdays when we have guest lecturers.  

This entire week we are all together so we can become familiar and comfortable with each other. And it's working out really well! I am making great friends from all over - Switzerland, Greece, Ukraine, England, Austria...and more to come. The age range is spread out as well - I being on the younger end it seems, although most of the younger students are doing the full-time which makes it super fun. Everyone is so interesting and has unique backgrounds - many seem well-traveled, but what European isn't?

I probably have the most experience in landscape/garden design - which I can't decide if that's a good or a bad thing...but I probably won't decide and not make it into a thing, and not let it make me feel like I have to prove myself to anyone but myself, because I am here to learn just as the rest of them.

Us full-time students have our own studio on the main floor and we were assigned drafting stations today which we will have until December. I was able to make it so that I can look out the window from mine. 


In other news I am still looking for housing, still need to set up a bank account, still need to get a phone and a student travel card, and a proper umbrella.....I plan on knocking a lot of this out on Wednesday. Cross my fingers.....XX. 

I am feeling mostly better - although my head isn't quite clear which has been making everything a bit harder to get done, including any sort of blogging, etc. I write in a daze really. Ugh. I think when I find a place I can settle into - it will help with my concentration.


Did I mention we have tea-time? One before lunch, and one after lunch. I don't know if it will be like this everyday...but I wouldn't complain. It's hobbit-esque. 


There is a female singer that lives in a flat nearby that practices regularly. Maybe she's a professional? Kind of makes me feel at home (Candice Hoyal). :)