Quote on Time

Time is what keeps everything from happening at once. 

- attributed to different sources, including Einstein...skeptically.


The garden that is finished is dead. - H. E. Bates

Landscape & Garden Design Consultations

One of my favorite services I offer as a landscape and garden designer is to consult with the homeowner on their personal landscape. Last week I was reminded of this once again as a woman expressed her gratitude for my time and ideas, "this has been so wonderful, you have painted a picture and have given me a place to start and a lot to think about!" 

I give consultations for any size or scope of project and I spend as much time as you'd like walking through and talking about your landscape. I don't provide any drawings or plant lists, but I teach you how to think about your spaces and guide you in how to make certain design decisions. We talk about what could be, throw out a bunch of ideas, and see which ones resonate most with your specific circumstances.

A consultation will last minimum of an hour, but usually it ends up taking 1.5-2+ hours depending on the size of the landscape. My rate is $100.00/hr and if I need to travel for 30 minutes or longer I do charge for travel time.

Fall is a great season for consultations. We get all the ideas flowing now so once spring rolls around you have had a few months of winter to make some decisions for your landscape. To arrange for a consultation, you can call or text me at 801.231.4199, or email me at hello@lorienhall.com.

For the more intense DIY homeowner, consultations pair very well with my design workshops, which I will be starting Spring 2017!