Day Three is Day Free

Each Wednesday we don't have school - it's a day to study, research, and in my case - flat hunt. (Darn flat hunting!)

However - today all the Postgraduate Diploma students from the two different disciplines (Garden Design and Architecture/Interiors) met to discuss the requirements and the gist of the PG programme. (I know that looks weird to you all, but I am leaving that "extra" "m" and "e")

We will meet together every so often to discuss, think, share, debate, learn, experience. And then there will be papers to write...and I will have to think deep thoughts that will probably change the world. I think that's how this goes.

It's perfect and awesome that we are combining the two groups, as I am very keen on architecture and interior spaces. I believe they are an integral part and a major influence/motivator on outside design. Not to mention the networking between all of us PGs! Literally the world was represented in that class room. It's really something. 

So while the school and this coming year keeps getting better each day, my search for a place to live, well, is hopefully getting better. I saw a good (shoe box) place tonight - have another viewing Friday evening. I am REALLY hoping that one of these two works out - I have spent SO MUCH TIME looking for a flat but should have I expected any different?  

I suppose I should say no. 

And now off to my first late-night-sorry-I-procrastinated-homework - which is due in the morning. Dur. It was not my intention to start the year out this way. And I am convinced if I was in my own place, all settled in, it wouldn't be like this (yet). I hear sleep deprived days and nights are ahead, but I didn't want them to start this soon.