Day 4 of the Great Flat Hunt

It's the morning and it's raining. The first rainy morning (of many I am sure). 

And so I start the day with orange juice and flat hunting. And hope today will be more fruitful than the past 3. Although I realize that securing a place not so quickly is probably very normal. 

Do I stay in zone 1 & 2, or go further out to get cheaper rent but then have to pay more in transport? Should I be nearer the school so as to save on travel time, or just go wherever I find a good deal? A "good deal" is probably a bad deal to most of us. Even the cheap stuff is unaffordable, but should I be surprised? I am in London. 

So the past few days I have been looking up places online, then wandering around the city, becoming familiar with the areas to see if it's safe, likable, etc. If I were a typical student or professional, one of those matchbox rooms that literally only fits a bed and a dresser would be adequate. But since I will be doing a lot of designing from home (the school is not open after hours) I need space for a good desk/small drafting table and that's where things get really expensive. 

I am learning that if I like something I have to act fast. There are hundreds of people out there looking for a space and the best ones go before you even get a chance to see it it seems. Having cell phone service would help. I could text or call the landlord immediately rather than go through the website's email system. I'll have to look into phone plans today. 

I have been staying at Keanan's since I got here, which has been a huge blessing! I don't know what I would have done otherwise really. This gives me chance to get to know the areas better and to visit the places I am interested in before making a commitment. Hopefully I can find a place before I wear out my welcome. He and his flat mates are very gracious to let me stay here for the time being.


I am on a good sleep schedule already. I hit a wall about 2:30-3:00pm (but don't we all?) and then am ready for bed around 9:00pm but usually don't actually go to bed til after 10:30pm. I hope to hit it closer to 9:00 tonight. But it's Friday, and that may be difficult as I am not in my own place and staying in the lounge, therefore I need to accommodate the flats schedule and plans as well. 


I bought a blow drier yesterday. I thought I would wait until I got into my new place so as to not accumulate anything else before I made the move, but after seeing what it would be like to be sans, I resolutely made the purchase at a Sainsbury on my way back to Keanans.  No one in London should have to deal with my mega-frizzy-in-humidity-and-rain-hair, especially not I.