The day I became a QPR fan and slept a lot

It has been over 4 hours and I am becoming increasingly delirious by the minute, I have not eaten well or slept well for quite some time. Plus my feet are killing me -  introducing a new pair of flats, no matter how comfortable the reviews say they are, with hours and hours of walking and travel isn't such a great idea.

Keanan is going to meet me at the airport to help me with my luggage. The Underground is the cheapest way back, and as I have too much for me to manage by myself - his offer to come help is definitely welcomed. But my suspicions are confirmed when I finally receive word that he has slept in. Working until 5am the night prior put him out. I don't blame him. 


I roll my luggage cart out to the curb and stand in the taxi line, hoping that the cost for fare isn't too ridiculous. It's almost ridiculous, but I have my luggage loaded anyway. Ready to get somewhere so I can rest and replenish. 

As we drive along I look out the window at the new setting which I will be surrounded by for a year - England! I chat with the cabbie about odds and ends and eventually ask if he is a football/soccer fan. Yes, he is. A QPR fan - Queens Park Rangers. And since I don't have a team yet, I should be one too. He talks about how the team and it's fans are all about community and all the other reasons why one should be a QPR fan. He offers to drive me past the stadium and take a picture of me in front of "my" teams stadium. He'll even knock off the fare for the extended mileage (I guess they don't say mileage here though). 

Sure.  I mean, now that I have team and all - I should have a picture of me at their stadium.


We make the detour - arrive to the stadium - and take the picture. He tells me to wait right there! Just one second! 

It's not too long before he emerges with a QPR scarf! "Now you will never forget how you became a QPR fan." 

I am laughing and very happy as I pull the scarf around my neck, "now I have something to wear to the games." 

As we pull away from the stadium he sees his friend driving a taxi in front of him, we speed ahead and he tells me to wave my scarf at him. We grab his attention, they yell back and forth about QPR and we drive off! 


I've settled all my bags in, Keanan and I go find some food so as to keep me from passing out before he heads back to work - a delicious lemon herb chicken sandwich (Hey Tina and Cindy, it was Nando's!) with a side of peas - I love that you can get a side of peas! I come back to the flat and nap for 7 hours -  look for flats for a few hours, then go back to bed for another 7 hours. Finally - after all these months, some real rest.


I am now awake at 8:29 in the morning and am starving and could already use some more sleep and definitely a shower as I was too tired to take care of that yesterday. Today will be filled with finding housing, figuring out a phone, how to best get my American dollars into British pounds, getting set up with an Oyster Card, etc, etc, etc ( I think I said this already in my post from yesterday)....But I am very very content and so happy and peaceful at this moment. 


Go Rangers!