I am standing in the London Heathrow Airport waiting for the notoriously "punctual" Keanan to meet me here so my too many, too heavy bags can make it back to his flat until I can find my own place. I am famished and want to go get some food, but they tell me over the loud system that if I leave my bags, which I most certainly would need to, they will confiscate them. So I will remain hungry for the time being.

For all I know Keanan is still in bed. Which is where I wish I was right now.

It's amazing I made it here really. I was packing right up until the last minute in Salt Lake City and then ran onto the airplane in New York right before they shut the gates. I had a 14 hour layover at JFK, so of course I went into the city to nap (or crash) in Central Park, and then a snack and then the High Line. (!). When the time came to head back to the airport I was given all sorts of "helpful" advice as to the best way to get there, most of which were in vain. Add on top of that a main line being down and a holiday with Sunday transit hours? I was turning into a pickle. But I nail-biting made it!


I probably packed too much. I wish I had packed less, but it was really hard condensing my life into 3 or 4 suitcases (I went with 3 checked and 1 carryon with a large personal item). Over the next few weeks I'll know better how well or how poorly I packed and what I would do differently could I do it over again.

The past few months have been NON-STOP exhausting making London happen and then preparing to go! I really could have used another week to wrap several things up - but even if I had I would probably say the same thing - if I just had one more week....

Now it's onto the adventure of finding housing, figuring out $ and my phone situation. 

But first I think I will just sleep and sleep and sleep. 


Source: https://lhr.wifiservice.net/