Haven't Had a Proper Bath for 2 Weeks

I have showered, yes. But a shower is not a bath. And as someone who (used) to take a bath everyday (and in the winter sometimes 2 times a day) - I am starting to shake and twitch from withdrawals. It's getting serious, folks. I really need to find a flat stat! 


Last night I went out and ended up on Bond Street wandering around hungry (need a bath...hungry...this is looking more dismal that it's supposed to). I took some side roads and ended up at an Indian restaurant. They seated me at a table next to the only other person in the place - a guy in his 40's who was also eating alone. It was a little awkward. The two of us in the entire restaurant - right next to each other but each eating alone. I thought about introducing myself, but then they brought him his check. 

Next time someone asks me why I'm single...I missed out on fate at an Indian restaurant.

After dinner I got a short steamer at Starbucks (free Wifi) and checked my email, etc. Closing time came and we were all kicked out. Time to head to Keanan's flat - I had a big project due Monday and was struggling to find a starting point but really needed to get going.

I got off the tube at Finchley Road and as I was leaving the station I noticed a young blond girl, about 17 or 18 with two pieces of luggage looking rather distressed while reading through signs, trying to figure out where she was. It was dark out and getting late. I put my hand on her shoulder and asked if she needed help. Tears came to her eyes and before I could start crying as well I said, "I know how you feel. Where are you trying to go?" 

"The Hampstead Residence." 

 "I have no idea where that is, but I'll stay with you til you get there."

She was from Germany and had just arrived for college - freshman year. She came alone and had just gotten off the train from Heathrow airport. Being lost at night in a new place with luggage is definitely not fun. She had poor directions she had pulled off the internet that we used to catch a bus that would hopefully take us in the right direction. We got off the bus at the same station as a lady who said she lived on the road that was written on the young girl's paper, although she had never heard of Hampstead Residence. 

We found ourselves alone, on some street corner with no one around. But when you are lost together, it's not so bad. A few people passed by, but we asked for help to no avail. We tried flagging down a taxi, but none were passing by this area this time of night. The last person was able to point us to some store that was still open - finally something of help! We wandered down a winding residential street to a mini-mart - I went to the line at the cashiers and asked everyone in line if they knew of the place we wanted to go. A young guy in line for smokes and a drink says, "I live right behind it - I'll take you." Finally!

We followed him for a bit - rolling the luggage, rolling the luggage - he was a soccer coach for young kids who was going to go professional but then had a knee injury that took him out of the game. It was his roommates birthday, hence the smokes.  

He led us down a little street - along a path - up a set of winding stairs and there it was in front of us. Glorious - a huge building for student housing. "People!" the girl said excitedly. 


I decided to skip the bus even though it would be a decent distance back to Frognal Court and I was worn out. I had a lot to do and it was getting later, but I just wanted to walk and walk a lot. At that point I did start to cry. I was happy that the girl was somewhere safe with people, and would be in her bed tonight. I was still looking for mine. 


My project is ready for tomorrow and a new week is ahead of me. Last week we spent the entire time wandering around the city studying various parks, gardens and public spaces (applied learning!). This week we will be in the studio.

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