Roberto Burle Marx: The Brazilian Modernist

Roberto Burle Marx: Landscape architect, painter, printmaker, ecologist, naturalist, artist, and musician (and probably a few other things). I am surprised I haven't blogged about him before now, and if I have, I have entirely forgotten. January is a good time for re-visting the lively and vibrant - to contrast the grey and overcast days of off-and-on precipitation. And so here are some wonderful images that show Burle Marx's amazing versatility and signature, yet timeless, style. (Click on images to enlarge).

Having lived in Brazil, I appreciate the inspiration and influence of his work on a more personal level. It is to me, so Brazilian, after all. Though he was quite avant-garde and ahead of his time. His work is like the rhythm and movement of a great samba. Full of energy and an easiness that makes you feel good about life in general.

I never tire of Roberto Burle Marx's aesthetic. It is so interesting. And I think this month I will spend more time re-exploring his life and career to be reminded of what shaped his design sensitivities and how he moved the design world (specifically landscape) into a modern direction.