End Goal: An Experience

Last month I was chatting with my architect/landscape designer friend. The conversation briefly included something of what is our drive behind how we choose to design a space? Why do we do the things we do as we move through the design process? What is the end goal? He shared his thoughts, which I appreciated, while I muddled along in mine, not really being able to clarify with certainty at that point what my own view was. My brain was under pressure from a project or two and I was in a bit of a haze. 

I thought about it during the ensuing days and came to the conclusion which I have come to before. For me, it's all about creating an experience for the participant. That's the most important factor driving my designs. What will the client experience in this space? Everything is a result from that. Axis, alignment, pattern, form, color, texture, views, corridors, photo ops, etc...all those principles and elements are secondary for me, and are tools I use to create the experience I want others to pass through, linger through, and wonder through. 

Wonder, I love that word and I love places, people, and experiences which make me wonder at the world, however large or small. I think it's the curiosity and exploration that gets me. And it's that curiosity that motivates me to keep going and push through...because I am just as curious as my clients are about what the outcome will be.