Design Inspiration: Allegiance to Denethor | LOTR

Inspiration for design comes from anywhere at anytime.

I was driving home from a project - winding my way down the canyon, listening to The Return of the King, The Complete Recordings (as I do). I was going through some of the tracks I normally don't listen to when I came across 23 seconds that I had to repeat - then repeat again (and again, again....).

It is such an impressionable 23 seconds for me as a designer...I am sure what it taught me will end up in one of my landscape or garden designs somewhere, sometime soon. Listen to the instrumentation...the melody line is carried by a flute and then the phrasing is so wonderfully completed by a horn. It's like the horn was finishing the sentence of the flute, so when you have that really great connection with someone. It's effortless.

Can I translate this into a perennial flower design? Maybe a grouping of trees where one species fades into complete the composition...subtly, yet effectively.