One Month Left (WHAT!?)

I am down to one month. That's it. And there's more than a lot that needs to get done. I was thinking today that the best way for me to keep updated with my blog during this hectic time is to do a simple day by day, play by play. Maybe not the most interesting thing in the world, but I think I would like to document the last month of my school year. Saying that makes me sad. 

I got out of bed just after 8:00am - though I woke up much earlier than that. I put in a load of laundry - then got ready for the day. Hung up the wet laundry so it could dry while I was away and before I walked out the door opened my window.

I took bus 38 to Victoria station - walked to school, arriving at 10:00am and proceeded to work on D7...most of the day was spent getting ready to design - so I was making copies of site plans onto regular bond and tracing paper - and enlarging areas for more detailed design. I started pulling images from online for a mood board - I also started a plant schedule as I like to have an idea of what's going to grow in the spaces I am designing before I actually start to design. 

I booked a hair appointment for Wednesday at 5:oopm.

I wasn't really able to free up my mind to be able to get much design done today, even though it was quite clear. I don't know if it's because I forgot my headphones so I couldn't disappear into my own world, or if it was too warm, or if I am feeling too stifled physically in the small studio space I have to work with. All I did was pull some lines from the house out into the landscape. That's it.

I did get lunch (banana, water, boiled eggs, chicken BLT sandwich) for free from Pret - so that made me smile big.  

I left school at about 4:30 - had had I bought an energy smoothie and walked to the Royal Festival Hall where I continued to research reflection and light for a PG assignment which is due next Monday. I took two naps while there in two different places, one was on purpose, the other wasn't. I also ate a chicken ceasar salad. And resisted anything sweet. 

I messaged a friend to see if there's a spare room in the building where her hair salon is - it's full of creatives and maybe they have an empty room with a table which I could use for the next few weeks to design in. ? We'll see. 

I left for home after 8:30 - walked, of course. The air smelled wonderful as it had rained down pretty hard about an hour earlier. And there was a magnificent breeze. Very refreshing. 

Walked in the door - put away my sandals, hung up my jacket - said hello to Tan then ate some almonds. Folded my now-dry laundry and put it away.

Washed my face, brushed my teeth, emailed me sister about Rivendell and now here I am making a note of all this before I head to bed. Hopefully within two minutes - a 10:00pm bedtime! Just what I need. Really.