June 10th

Woke up at...7:30? I can't remember. Showered, got ready - went to Whole Foods to get some salad bar to-go for lunch and a pro-biotic drink for breakfast that's not gross, but not delicious. It's plain.

Got to school about 9:30 - thinking I would knock this day out of the park! I printed off images for my D7 mood board then moved up to the part-time studio where I would have more space and more quiet - hoping it would lead to brilliant ideas and productivity. 

It really didn't. Blleehhh....

But I did get my mood board up - the main part anyway - and then I designed...or attempted to - it was a painful day actually. Nothing was flowing. Frustration. 

Ate lunch while perusing photos of the site to get some answers. After lunch more blank stares and crumpled trace paper on the floor. 

Left school at 5:00 - walked to the Royal Festival Hall where I bought a tuna sandwich and sat next to a very happy man reading from his Kindle. Then I worked on my materials project for Postgrad....walked home at about 7:00 - stopped for a banana sundae on the way because I was so frustrated with the day....ate it at Leicester Square.

Got home - more work on my materials page - then had a nice long chat with the Head Gardener of Rivendell (my sister) - about trees, and trees, and trees. 

It's 44 minutes past my 10:00 bedtime (I know, it's such a boring bedtime!) - so now I am wrapping this up and brushing my teeth.

May the ideas flow tomorrow....please....please!!! 

My D7 Mood Board for the Main Gardens

My D7 Mood Board for the Main Gardens