Fresh: Cut Lawn & Mulch

Springtime is full of all sorts of wonderful scents - and when it comes to the man-made landscape two rise above all others. Within the past 24 hours I experienced both and now my London Spring has officially begun. 

It was about 11:00pm when walking through Potter's Field's Park that I stopped abruptly in my tracks, "What is that?!" A good friend from home had randomly flown in so we were wandering through this part of town when a scent captured me. "It's smells like pine trees...Christmas trees....where is it coming from?" I repeated that about three times before touching some plants that had recently flowered trying to find the source. As I was looking towards the ground in the darkness I saw it. Fresh mulch! "Of course!!" Hahaha. I scooped up a handful and raised it to my nose and took a deep breath. "Aaahhhh....I need a candle with this scent." It seriously is one of the best. I could roll in mulch and be very happy. I am going to get a baggie of it to keep on the small table next to my bed. 

Walking home from school today towards what will be hours and hours of work on D4 before presenting tomorrow - my mind and soul is already tired and I have miles to go. A sleepless night is ahead of me. As I walk with weighted thoughts I come to the far end of St. James Park and continue along Horse Guards Road - and that's when it hits me. Fresh cut lawn! And I realize it's the first time this year.

The scent of fresh cut lawn fills me with memories and ideals. It's takes me back, wakes me up and gives me hope for the future. Such a simple thing can do so much. 

D4 - now I am ready to rock and roll.

After a quick power nap.