Time Stands Still Here...And So Do I

Have you ever experienced a timeless moment? 

And I'm not talking about timeless as it regards to fashion or design, but rather the physical essence, or absence, of time.

Most of my timeless moments revolve around raw nature or people that have been dearest to my heart. It's a powerful experience to live in timelessness. It's effortless; it flows and it's content. 

I have an architect-friend who can make time stand still. I have experienced two of his homes/designs in person and was blessed to be able to create the landscape for one of them. I haven't quite nailed down how he does it exactly, but his use of materials, light and how he organizes shapes and space is fascinating to say the least. It's very affecting and I feel more aware and alive in his spaces.

Last Friday while visiting the Barbican Centre for school we talked about time and how you can speed it up, or slow it down, depending on how you develop your design and the transitions between spaces. It's fascinating to consider the possibilities, really.

But if I am to develop one ability for myself as a landscape and garden designer, it will be that within my gardens and landscapes, time stands still.

And even disappears.