A Short Story: "My wife, she will love this"

I was walking towards the Baker Street tube station when from across the road I saw that same tree I had seen the week prior, the one with the blue flowers. 

I had to get some photos.

Making a detour, I headed right instead of left. It was a difficult bloom to photograph so I was lost in thought while snapping shots when someone interrupted me. 

"Wow. These are beautiful!"

I spun around to see a well-dressed business man in his 50's. 

"Yes, I love them. I don't know what the tree is, but I love it."

"I'm also going to take some pictures, for my wife...she will love this."

So the two of us were standing there on the sidewalk of a very busy street photographing this beautiful tree. Me and the successful business man.

Snap, snap snap.

"Thank you so much for noticing this tree and stopping to photograph it. I never would have noticed how beautiful it is unless you had done so. I would have walked right past. So thank you."

I was taken back by the sincerity, really. "Uh, you're welcome."

More snaps.

He gets a call on the phone he's taking the pictures with. He accepts the call and leaves, walking and talking hurriedly...somewhere important to be. 

Which is hopefully home, with his happy wife.