D4 Mood Board

We are wading thick through D4 now...never a break. 

I have shared the history and brief in a previous post - so now for the mood board, which has been on my wall at school for awhile...


I am re-designing the Victoria Embankment Gardens - a space which I feel is already successfully used, but lacks strong cohesion in the overall design. I have 9 existing monuments/statues to incorporate and would like to have a definite presence of annuals and bulbs which will add bold, bright punches of color throughout the year. Also, you'll notice the image of the sack lunch - people love to take a lunch break here - on a sunny day you'll be lucky to find a spare seat! I want to maintain that aspect of the garden and possibly create more seating while including a rich plant palette....lots of flora...a very verdant space; think less public-plaza, more plants and O2.

The image in the center represents subtlety, because at the end of the day, I want a strong, yet subtle experience. The mood of the green-yellow glow is the ambiance/atmosphere I hope to achieve and the way I want people to feel while they are enjoying the gardens.

Doesn't that glow remind you of a wonderful and idyllic summer afternoon?

Doesn't it make you laugh? (Or at least smile?)