D4: History & Brief

It feels like I have been creating presentations a lot lately. My Favourite Things is now followed by D4: History and Brief

This past Monday we walked around the city looking at public squares and gardens. Everyone in the class will design a different public space. I picked (at random) the last one on the route...(I may have mentioned that in an earlier post?)...which is the Victoria Embankment Gardens. We were to research the history of our site and then create a brief which will be the fulcrum for our design. I am pretty excited about my space.

The following images are my presentation - which do a decent job on their own...one may get a little lost without some of my narrative of the purpose for the slide, but just keep your eye on the lower righthand corner which acts as a navigation tool for where you're at in the presentation. 

Hopefully the slides speak well-enough on their own without my narrative...and tell a story. On a related side-note: I think so much of what design is/could/should be about is telling a story. 

D3 and D4 are now running along side each other...time management will be the ultimate tool over the next 2 weeks especially!!