My Favourite Things

For school we had to create a slide show featuring our "Favourite Things." We chose 3 designers, 3 trees, 3 shrubs, 3 herbaceous plants - and I added in a "misc." category to accommodate my love of lichen. :)

Now when it comes to favourite things...well, my favourite colour is green, but I learned from a friend several years ago that life is too short to have favourites (well maybe too short to have just one favourite, but what about a lot of favourites?!)... so I am glad we got to chose at least 3 for each category because there are too many wonderful things out there to love and appreciate...just click on the image to move it to the next slide.

Also - when you get to the plants - underneath the scientific name you will see the common name followed by three more plant names...which are plants I have paired with the main plant...just giving them some friends to hang out with.

I was going to write up a little note for each slide, to tell you why it's my favourite....or A favourite...but I just have so much to do before tomorrow so I am bypassing that idea! But if you have any questions about any of my slides, feel free to ask! 

It was an interesting and useful exercise for me in that I learned more about myself as a person and a designer as I watched themes surface throughout my slides. This year at the Inchbald has been as much about self-discovery as it has about gardens and design! Quite the interesting process really.

All images were taken from Google search.