A Story for Tomorrow

I am obsessed with this video. I have shown it to several people, emailed it to a bunch of others - watched it myself dozens (like over 50 probably) of times. I would love to live this. It is to me - magic.

What is it that takes me? Raw nature, adventure, incredible landscapes, unforgettable experiences, off the grid, epic exploration, discovery, friendship, culture, minimalistic-back-to-the-basics, exposed and hidden elements.

Each of these are concepts, ideas or moments which I want to implement into my own garden and landscape designs...referencing, working with and alongside nature is so important to me and having sites and structures that tap into the existing landscape are what I hope to work with one day (think Olson Kundig Architects or similar). 

There seems to be a connection to the primitive earth which I crave regularly...one of the weeks I laughed the most was the week I spent in the Amazon jungles and the mountains of Ecuador. Oh, it was beautiful there. So green and exploding with plant life...breath in deep!

Anyway - I looked back at this blog's short archive and noticed I had never posted it here. So I just had to post it! Hope you love it too.

Maybe I have found my 2020-2021 sabbatical!