Half Term

I have a busy week ahead of me...D3 is due next Monday and I know what I have to do to wrap it up, but I don't know how long it will take. Judging by how things usually go - it will take longer than anticipated. (I am hoping for the opposite, naturally). 

It's also half-term this week (!) - so while the school is open and the studio space available, there is no school, which is always nice before a project is due. I can sink away into my thoughts and ideas completely - see what surfaces.

Also go for some runs at the park.

I am quite curious about how my D3 will resolve itself in the end. I spent several hours Saturday developing my design in Sketchup (first-timer, other than playing around with it for a few days 7 years ago) and as it's coming together I am questioning myself and the design more and more. It's feeling a little soul-less at this stage while I am trying to hold on to that initial vision I had for the space several weeks ago. I don't know if it's the computer drawing that is taking the heartbeat out of the design, or if the design itself is lacking, or if it was just a late Saturday night and my mind was shot. So we'll see how I feel about it today as I am just opening the file now. Regardless, I will keep pushing ahead, and if anything - this project has been a great one to learn Sketchup with. 

Though that being said, really, I still want to find that heartbeat. 

X-Ray No Color