Art is

Art is not to be forced nor coerced. It’s a process of submission and action which you can either fight and be frustrated with, or accept and abide in the pure joys that come from that form of discovery. My friend, Dan, said ‘Art is about the process. If your goal is to surprise and delight yourself, you will get there.’

Surprise and delight yourself. That is a wonderfully positive perspective.

I need to let go of the grasps I place on the end results of what will be on the wall. When I grip it, it only frustrates me and therefore my art. My ideas become a tangled mess of threads shedding off a raiment of fabric.

Do I create my art? Or is it waiting to be found. Not just discovered, but uncovered. I am not to be controlled by my art either. It cannot and does not tell me what to do. There is an equal relationship between my body and this body of work that is yet to come forth. Like a dance. Or maybe an adventure, or something reminiscent of that wild abandonment of childhood summer days and nights. That freedom which brings the most beauty.