Finding My Way Forward

I've missed my old blog, Lorien Hall Everyday. I miss the simplicity - the pared-backness about it. I've missed having a dedicated space to write. And I've missed writing. Sometimes I find when I shift things around for the sake of improvement, I create a less productive situation. But how could I have known prior? Like when I moved my computer desk from the nook to the west wall and ever since then I have spent such little time on my computer. I moved it because I wanted to put a chair in the nook so I could sit there and read and write and enjoy the sunlight coming though the windows. I don't do that. Maybe it's the chair. I spent more time in the nook when I had my desk there.

Since combining my blog with my website, I find that I am less motivated to write.

So now I will move my computer desk back to the nook and I will separate out my blog from my website. I hope that by so doing I will move my work and my writing along in a more steady and consistent manner. I want to be a productive person, more so than I am today. And while I am becoming to believe less and less that there a magic trick to becoming productive, hopefully these changes will have an impact. 

These changes represent a larger picture of what I am going through right now. I am trying to find my way forward. 2017 has proved to be a very different year for me. In some ways it's been good and positive, but in other ways it has been my worst year yet. This is especially true financially. I have never been in a worse financial spot than I am now. Also I have never been in a more confusing spot as to my future than I am now...immediate and distant. I have ideas for the future and I am moving on those, but as an artist who is staying in the artist's vein, I am taking the less predictably stable route. I can't not do this. If I am not meant to be a full-time creative for life then I will have to be knocked over the head and dragged towards my new profession. And if that new direction is where my future happiness and success lies, then so be it as I know I can always lead a create life otherwise. But until then I will fight to pay the bills by what beats in my heart the most. 

So now I will wish myself the best of luck in this endeavor.