Recovering and Moving Forward

For the past few months I have either been so physically exhausted that my brain stopped functioning, or so mentally drawn out that my body shut down. I am just now becoming stable on both fronts. 

I am taking the next 10 days off. Kind of. I still have projects and clients to attend to, but I am not accepting any new work until the middle of next week so I can get caught up on everything and everyone I have neglected since the middle of May. It will still be a busy and productive week and a half - but also a restorative one, I feel. 

Life is going well here in the studio - I have several Studio Works (non-commissioned conceptual designs) started which I am excited about. It could be several weeks before these ideas make their way to the public realm, but with persistence, they eventually will.

Other than that, I have no earth-shattering news to share. I look forward to each new day, each new week, each new idea. I think about what could be possible if I just keep going and moving forward with my thoughts and dreams. Hopefully what could be possible is better than anything I ever could have imagined.