Lorien in Black and White

I started going out the Great Salt Lake last winter. I had returned from London a few months prior and more often than not I found myself stranded in my thoughts and activities. So when I didn't know what to do, or where to go, I came here. Out to the sand and to the salt, out to the water. It became my refuge and my sanctuary. An empty space to empty my mind even when it was seemingly numb. I started taking photographs of my trips, capturing the nuances and the moods of that wonderful and mysterious landscape. Somewhere along the way I edited a photo in black and white. A friend asked to buy a print. Then the idea for this gallery was born; strictly and respectfully black and white photography of the beautiful Great Salt Lake.

This week I am focusing on opening my online shop where you will be able to purchase prints of my photography from my IG accounts: @lorieninblackandwhite, @lorienhall. My friend, who requested that print a couple of months ago will finally see it arrive in the post, and if you would like one to arrive in the post as well...very soon that will be a possibility!

A sampling of my feed. (See the entire gallery and follow along for new Great Salt Lake photography through my Instagram account: @lorieninblackandwhite  )