It Was Like Being Inside A Big Beautiful Marble

For as dry and desert-y Utah is, it does have its watery places. I love spending time in these places as water is a great contributor to the dynamics of light, shadow and reflection...something that deeply interests me as a landscape and garden designer. 

This past Saturday I was traveling home from Northern Utah and decided to take a detour - as one always should on a Saturday (or any day). I followed a gravel road, which turned into a dirt road, after which I ended up on a narrow dike with Willard Bay stretched out in front of me. It was mesmerizing, the water was so flat and still. It really did feel like I was inside a big beautiful marble, watching it change and evolve as the sun sunk lower into the horizon line. 

To see more images from my Willard Bay adventure, see my Instagram account. The sky caught fire afterwards and it was breathtaking.