January is a fresh word. Fresh and new. Full of potential and hope if we are brave enough.

I am back in Salt Lake City, back on L Street…filling up my old place with new memories. I got rid of everything before I moved to London, so I have been doing the run-around for a few weeks in order to create a space in which I can function and feel at home. But also a space where I can be highly inspired and creative. It's coming together and I am giving myself one year to get it all figured out. Rugs take time.

So far I have some furniture arranged about and three plant skeletons I found in the mud flats suspended from the ceiling, so I would say I am off to a decent start. The massive bulletin boards arrive next week. I will paint them white and cover two of my walls with them. Then I can pin up whatever I like, whenever; visualize my thoughts. 

Maybe I have mentioned this before, but during the course of 2015 I will be preparing to open an appendage to my landscape and garden design work, Lorien Hall Studio (I think that's the name). It will be a creative studio that will explore tangible expressions which stem from my landscape work - art installations and drawings that are quite conceptual. I am anxious to see my ideas materialize in a way that can reach a wider audience, and touch more people on a more personal level. 

The year ahead is going to be ace. I already have a great landscape commission on my plate with new opportunities on the horizon. While I miss my life in London everyday, it's good to be back creating dreams here in Utah, where other possibilities do exist.