July 6th

Wow has life been crazy/stressful/hard/emotional/blessed/wonderful/exhausting for the past 10 days! (I wasn't always in the best of moods, though I tried to remember to be). There were (many) times I didn't think I was going to make it, but at the same time I knew it couldn't be any other way.

And now THIS is happening:

Crazy, huh!?

I was so sick for 10+ days a while back followed by the worse case of designer's block I have ever had - which put me 3-4 weeks behind schedule...and it's been frustrating trying to get caught up without sacrificing the integrity in my design. But everything is coming, and has come, together. There have been A LOT of miracles happen these past few weeks to make this possible and so many people have been my angels. I'll share more about this later in the week.

So. Final exhibition is upon us! I have a 5:00 am rise-time in order to get everything ready. I can't forget a single thing or I am a dead-woman.

Here's my packing list:

  • Aerial Perspective Drawing
  • Trace Booklets
  • Evening Dress (we have a change in wardrobe at 18.00 hours)
  • Rose Tights
  • Not-real Pearl Earings
  • Evening Shoes
  • 2 iPads for Slideshows
  • Charger for iPads
  • Phone
  • MacBook
  • Chargers for both of those items
  • Extra Mat Board
  • iPad Wall-Mounts
  • Keys
  • $$
  • Oyster Card
  • Extra Felt
  • Metal Brackets (School)
  • Shelf (School)
  • Felt Pieces for Model (School)
  • Lots of Long Pins (School)
  • Black Felt for Panel (School)
  • Scalpel With Extra Blades
  • Cutting Mat
  • Foam-Core Mounted Signs for Panel (School)
  • Metal Ruler
  • Needle and Thread
  • Make-Up
  • Bobby Pins
  • Extra Nylons (Regular, Just In Case)
  • Lotion
  • My Secret Plan
  • Band-aids
  • Camera
  • Brolly (that's umbrella - you should never leave the flat without one )
  • I Hope Someone Has the Velcro

I think I will need to bring a suitcase.

And I hope I haven't forgotten anything.

Yesterday I took a few hours away from exhibition prep....red on red is back! Brighter this time. Now I am ready to go - this Inchbald plan has been in the works for over two years! I still can't believe I made it here - and I can't believe it's coming to a close. One of the best years of my life and it can only get better from here. A million thanks to all who helped my get here.