June 19

Well I fell off a proverbial cliff. 

Gathering myself and getting going again has been a somewhat painful process. Design is process!! No way around it. 

It's beautiful outside right now...8:43 in the evening and I am wishing I was at Hyde Park, or walking across the Thames...dinner with friends...to be stuck inside...only a few more weeks of being superglued to either a drafting table or a computer screen...then the streets are mine again for the wandering! But my focus must be relentless - so forget the streets for now. 

This last project has been difficult. Challenging and trying. Nothing would reveal itself for weeks! I felt like I was trapped in a tight box - a thick block wall has been two inches away from my face and I haven't been able to see past it or through it. It's been very disheartening. Problematically, I kept using the same method. After some guidance and a new approach, the design has started to surface in stages...not effortlessly, but it is surfacing. And I am finally getting somewhere comprehensible! Never mind that the entire D7 is due tomorrow. 

It will come together.