Roma ha il mio cuore

Allysha and I used to share a room together. We would hide hot chocolate packets under our beds and stay up too late sometimes. About 20 years ago we started dreaming about going to Rome together. This past week that actually happened. And Natalie, number 8, joined us on our journey which we wouldn't have had any other way! It meant a lot to the three of us.


It was an absolutely amazing time. The sun, the light, the washes of warm colors filling the narrow streets with yesterdays laundry strung across the line as plants grow in every crack and cranny. Everywhere you turn there is something to see - something amazing to be curious at. Architecture, sculpture, paintings, food (the food!), water, wonder. It's all there. So many layers of history build Rome. 

I was most taken by the work of Michelangelo. I had heard of him all my life and seen pictures of his accomplishments, of course, but to see his work in first person - with my own eyes, was a life-changing experience. First was Moses, then the Sistine Chapel, followed by the Pieta, ending with the Dome of St. Peter's Basilica. What works!!! They were ALIVE, really alive. They were moving. Especially the Sistine Chapel ceiling. I couldn't stop looking up. I just couldn't believe what I was taking in. All the work in Rome was done by such talented individuals, but something about Michelangelo transcended. I will never forget that. 

Here's a small load a pics from the four fabulous days. If you click on the picture, it will enlarge.

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