Thinking and Dreaming, Dreaming and Thinking

Last week I was reading in Gaston Bachlard's The Poetics of Space. And I came across this:

...well-determined centers of revery are means of communication between men who dream as surely as well-defined concepts are means of communication between men who think.

This led me to wonder if there is a difference between thinking up a garden and (day)dreaming up a garden. Thinking vs. dreaming...what could the differences be in relation to developing a garden design and if there are - is the outcome of the garden itself different as well? 

It's been rolling around in my mind subtly ever since. And I do think there is a difference.

This image gives me the impression of thinking and dreaming. It's almost as if one's self is hanging in the balance, suspended...waiting for resolution and clarification - which is what thinking and dreaming may do for us as garden designers. Resolution and clarification.

Anyway, if you want to read the sentence in context you can find it on the very bottom of page 39 - in the chapter, House and Universe.