D3 is D-O-N-E! For those who saw my sketch model - well, this is what it turned into! Click on the main image to scroll through. Sorry for the small type, this file is for printing rather than for digital viewing...so it was prepared as such. My favorite pages are the elevations - A,B,C&D!

Today we started back at school after being away for a week (half-term). Most of my break was spent working on D3 and feeling painfully unwell - I did get one run in. I am mostly better now, I hope - but a solid nights rest and a long shower are in order.

D3 was also due today - and after all the many, many (many, many) long hours spent developing the design and the layout for the A3 booklet we were to hand in (never underestimate how long it will take) - I am pleased with how the presentation of my design turned out visually, but am not very pleased with my verbal delivery given in class. My space is very metaphorical - and feel I didn't convey my concept well enough. I didn't act, but rather, let myself become numb to exhaustion.

I wanted to talk more about what it would feel like to experience the space - about stepping into the 'kaleidoscope' and the colored light reflecting and bouncing around - and ultimately landing on your skin and eyes, filling you and your vision with warmth, glow, energy, and positivity. I wanted to share what it would be like to be sitting in the space - with the tall glass columns rising up behind you, or at your side - giving protection and a sense of enclosure while directing your gaze to the sky above. Low glass walls divide the area into smaller spaces and keeps you grounded with a sense of opening outward... 

I wanted to share about how the glass elements would be made of varying opacities, so that some of the vertical pieces you couldn't see through, some you could get a hint of what was beyond and some pieces were crystal clear to allow for sight and light to pass through easily - and how in life we have times where we can't see beyond where we are, and other times we have clarity of vision for ourselves and our lives. And all the times in between where we get glimpses of hope here and there - and that it keeps us going.

I wanted to share more.

This was my first time building an entire design in Sketchup - so I am very happy with the results. I still prefer the human-touch for drawings, etc. - but for this type of submission, the computer didn't do such a bad job! 

We didn't have to hand in a design process for this project, so naturally I didn't do one. Though now that it's all wrapped up and over with, I really wish I had one. I like having a visual and verbal summary of what it took to produce the final product - and even though the process of documenting and organizing the design process can be painful at times, really, it's worth it - especially the written summary if anything. 

Well, I got soup and a quesadilla for dinner, so the day ends well!