Craving Desert, Sun, Warmth and Color.

Today I feel a bit suppressed (verge of illness?). It hasn't been a bad day, but it's been a grey day. I guess I could put it that way. This time of year I would normally make my way to Arizona to be in the sun and the desert for several days. Well, that's not happening. :)

I could really use a big dose of it right about now. 

So here's some desert and some Luis Barragan (Mexican Architect).

Why I love the desert:

  • Dry air
  • Negative space/void
  • Color of the lichen on the rocks
  • Sunsets
  • Structure of the desert plants
  • Other-worldly feeling...almost alien
  • Expanse

Why I love the work of Luis Barragan

  • Bold colors
  • Block colors
  • Simplicity
  • Mass and Void
  • Saturated 
  • Steve Martino (American Landscape Architect) is inspired by his work
  • Again, something about it is other-worldly