Welcome 2014

School is back in session! And has been since the 9th. I went home for the Christmas holiday, then had a week stay in Switzerland and a weekend in Paris so it's only now that I am feeling fully grounded and ready to run (jet lag is a real productivity-killer, no?).

My running legs are in high demand this week as D2 (the second design project we received) is due on Monday....one week - I have one week to somehow pull it all together. Yikes. Somehow it will happen. It always does. 


Not only is school back in session, but it's a new year as well - 2014. And I declare this year, to be the best year yet! And why not?

  • I am immersed in something I am utterly passionate about
  • I live in the heart of London
  • I have superb friends, new and old
  • My favorite color is still green
  • I will graduate from the Inchbald School of Design this July
  • I will see Rome
  • And some other places
  • I am reading books (garden and design, and architectural philosophy)
  • My heart is open and free
  • I am discovering me
  • I feel happiness at my core
  • Everything is going to be alright - it's all going to be okay.
  • And anything is possible

I only made one resolution this year. Just one. (Which is pretty good, considering I used to be anti-New Years Resolutions) I figure if I can get this one thing down...it will have an positive domino effect on everything I do, everyday...and result in a rich, full, happy and productive life.

Early Bed, Early Rise.

Simple as that (ha, yeah...we'll see) - though then I think, well - I am going to the symphony tomorrow night, and it will be a late one, so...but there also must be room for some exceptions...right?