Water & Perspective

Yesterday's post showed an incredible resort in an exotic location (as you can see below) that only the wealthiest among us can afford to enjoy if they so choose. Locations like that are fun for me to fantasize over, though knowing I'll probably never step foot in one (unless it's for design work I suppose). 

Today's contrasting post includes two videos that give me cause to pause and think. Everyday I have safe, clean, fresh water available and most days I drink a lot of it without a thought that most people's water situation is quite different.  

Maybe to those without, my safe drinking water availability is just as luxurious or unfathomable as the resort in Bali is to me. But probably even more so - definitely even more so. We all need water to survive, grow and be healthy - none of us needs a fancy getaway to survive. 

So on those days I am feeling less-fortunate and probably ungrateful, I just need to take a drink of water and remember I am extremely fortunate.

And in our gratitude, maybe we can do something for those who are without.