Anything is Possible

I have had this coin taped to my drafting table lamp for a couple of years now. On the other side the word "dream" is engraved. 

Anything is Possible.jpg

I see it most everyday. And have let this mantra influence my subconscious and my conscious.  

This past weekend I had a garage/yard sale out in front of L Street. It was a monumental task to tackle and only with the help of my family was I able to pull it off, and successfully at that.

Now I own less. MUCH LESS. And though I had many moments of panic while letting go of certain that it is all over - I feel relief. I feel lighter. Happier. Freer.

Selling most of my stuff is a necessary step to making my Dream of studying in London come true. Anything is Possible - I do believe, but with that comes sacrifice. What are you willing to live without so that you can live with? What are you willing to let go, so that you may hold on?