Saturday Evening

My how time flies. I'm sitting here at L street (that's what I call where I live) with many of my windows open listening to the rustling of the night leaves while I type by the light of a small bankers lamp. The July breeze moves in and out of the window and I love to feel it on my skin.

I just got back from a walk around the Avenues. It was lightly raining with ominous clouds overhead. I LOVE the Avenues. If there's anywhere I belong in the state of Utah, it's the Aves. And L street is the first place that has felt like home since I left home 14 years ago. I will always want to be here.

While I was walking in the Aves

While I was walking in the Aves

I have been watching pledges come in for my Go Fund Me campaign this evening - the campaign that will send me off on an adventure beyond what I could have ever hoped for! For many weeks (months really - okay...years??) I felt like I was watching my dreams and future being taken away from me. It's a sad and devastating feeling. But today things have started to change. I feel there is a shift and a hope that I am going to make it. This fall I will be heading to London to get my Postgraduate Diploma in Garden Design, which will shape the rest of my life. Exactly how, I don't know - but I know it will.

I am extremely excited and grateful for this opportunity. I can hardly believe it!  London for one whole year! Being surrounded by garden-obsessed people for one whole year! Study and training in the field I am obsessed over for one whole year! I am elated.

And yet, I know in the end, when my UK time is all over - I actually do want to come back to Utah. I thought for the longest time that maybe Seattle (my fav state-side city) would be the place I would like to stay for forever and grow as a designer, but I feel I can do more good here and have a greater influence in the world of garden design here. For years I have been talking about starting my own garden design academy where I would have affordable classes and workshops open to the public...evening that working folk can learn how to create beautiful spaces around their homes. I would have one to two week long courses as well that are more intense. This is what I eventually want to do besides design. I love to teach, I love to share. And I love the Utah plant palette.

As I was in Oregon this past month sourcing plant material for projects, I realized how much I do love the Utah climate and it's USDA Hardiness Zone (that determines what plants will grow where) - and that I love creating gardens here. And that I would rather create gardens here on a regular basis than in Oregon, or Washington, or California, etc. Although I will say that once I return from London, I do hope to be a "traveling designer" and have a few projects in California and Washington.....and Italy why not? An international garden designer based out of Salt Lake City. How does that sound?

Pretty fab, I think.

P.S. You can still donate to my Go Fund Me Campaign by going here: Yeah!  Thanks for your support and please share! I have until July 7th 11pm Utah time to reach my goal!