Architecture Tuesday: Olson Kundig Architects

Jim Olson & Tom Kundig are my current architectural heroes. Their work, their philosophy, and their way of moving through the world is amazing and wonderful to me. And they live and work in my favorite geographical area in the United States - the Pacific Northwest.

The Shadowboxx video I featured in an earlier post comes from Olson Kundig Architects - and this video I am posting now let's you see a broad spectrum of their work as well as an introduction to the two geniuses creating astounding spaces.

Their devotion to their craft is remarkable and self-evident.

Jim: "The main reason that we're here is to try to do the best design that we possibly can, whatever that means to us. I think there's this earnestness about both of us about what we're doing....we're really into to - I mean, we really are into it." 

Tom:  "It's not just an architectural firm, it's not just an art firm, it's not a design firm. It's an attitude about making our world a better place."

I have similar sentiments about my work as a landscape designer. My work is my life - it's what I do - it's what I am about. And everyday I work towards it. Attending the Inchbald School of Design will be my life's game changer. I will receive the training and credentials I need to be able to work at the same level of Jim Olson and Tom Kundig. I hope to have the ear and respect of builders and architects when I get back because I know I can become an immense asset to them and their work. I know I can make a difference that matters. 

Less than 6 weeks until all that becomes a reality - I can hardly believe it!

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P.P.S One of my favorite quotes from the video: "Architecture is about life." - Jim Olson