It's Been a Really Hectic Week

It's been a week now since my Go Fund Me campaign came to a nail-biting and triumphant end! And for a few days afterwards I didn't feel well, probably from all the stress of the week before. But that was replaced with excitement and the new stress of preparing for what lies ahead: applying for a student visa, selling most of my possessions except for what I will take with me, keeping up with new and current projects and current clients, finding housing, planning an art show/going away party (you are all invited!), paying tuition at just the right time (exchange rate, please go in my favor!), bringing on businesses as sponsors, and making sure I am eating and getting enough rest through all of this! The list is daunting, but the light at the end of the tunnel keeps calling and calms me when I start to get uptight.

I have started the process for all of the above items and know that eventually it will all work out, even though from now until September 9th, it's going to be a crazy ride. Good thing I like crazy.


Everyone has been raving about the weather lately here in Utah, and for good reason! Summer thunder and lightening storms are the best! Summer rains are the best! That hot asphalt under your feet, cooling and steaming from the rain. It's a favorite summer image and experience. I love it.

Evening walks have been perfect - you just can't do better than these days and I hope to be able to enjoy them amid my endlessly long list of things to do. After all - I won't be here for a time, so soaking it all in while I still can is also a priority. 


Literally soaking it all in!!

Literally soaking it all in!!