Delivery Day!

Each April we head to the nursery to create several annual plant containers - they sit in the greenhouse filling in and filling out - then mid-June (after the danger of the last front for PC has passed) they are delivered! Today was delivery day - a big deal in our book!! A day we always look forward to. 

We had a total of 15 planters delivered today - 9 for Rivendell and 6 for Trestle Creek Ranch, the property next door.

For Rivendell we start with the Wind Chime Garden planters, which are 7 - based on color-themes...

Then we come to the two Lotus Planters, one that gets full sun, and the other mostly shade...we change it up each year making improvements as we go!

Now for the Trestle Creek Ranch Planters...I only took pictures of 3 and will nab the other 3 in a month or so - when they are more full and happy with color! 

I can't wait for the next several moths to see each of these planters come into their own!