Sometime in January or February of 2008 I got into my car and drove to California. I didn't have a return date.

I bummed around at friends houses - stayed as long as I dare at each place while going to the beach and the boardwalk during the day and meeting up with friends for dinner in the evenings. After a week or so I decided to head back east but via the southern route and killed my car as I rolled into Phoenix, Arizona. 

My favorite cousin Tressa who is two days older lives there as does her family. So I stayed with her while car hunting - which ended up taking a few weeks at best. I took advantage of my time in Phoenix and met up with the incredible international architect, Gordi Rogers, for lunch and an informal interview. He designed Rivendell - all his work is absolutely incredible and I wanted to get to know him better as a person and as a professional. So we ate and chatted. He bought some salt and vinegar chips with his sandwich, and every time I get a bag for myself I am reminded of him.


I asked him, "what should I see while I am here in Phoenix?"  **Taliesin West, of the infamous Frank Lloyd Wright, was already on the agenda - but there certainly must be something else going on that's artsy-cool!

"Cosanti Bells," he said, "and the Chihuly exhibit at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden."

So my cuz and I headed out to **Cosanti the next day.  It was surreal, and awesome.  I felt like I was on the set of Star Wars when Luke goes to visit his Uncle in Tatooine.  When I go back again, I will be prepared to buy myself a bell.

The next day we headed out the the Botanical Gardens to see the exhibit.  We went mid-afternoon so we could see the entire exhibit in day light, and stayed until late so we could see the glass art all lit up!  It was a TREAT!  The glass work of Chihuly eerily fits the desert landscape - and I loved every bit of it!  Some of the pieces took a bit getting adjusted to, but I did end up loving everything on display!

After the sun had gone down we were wandering down a certain path when who did we come across?  Gordi with wife and friends!!  It was hilarious to run into him - and he was pleased to see that we had taken his advice.

** I lost all my pictures from FLW's place and from Cosanti - darn it!