I am currently at one of my favorite places. If it was just for the people-watching alone it would suffice, but an airport means you're going somewhere.

Portland, Seattle, Victoria....I have created a wonderful itinerary full of gardens, parks, city spaces, reserves....all in some of my favorite cities.  Portland and Seattle I have frequented, and Seattle often.  This will be a first for Victoria.  But in all my visits to the Northwest, I have never toured and studied the spaces I am going to see now, so I am pretty darn excited.

I am not super stellar at packing - I pack too much usually, and even when I do I am always worried I have forgotten something.  And this trip is no exception...I am worried I will be lacking an added layer of warmth, but we'll see.  (I did actually forget my car charger and music cable for my iPhone drat).

I like to use the curbside check-in when I travel.  It's fast and I like paying a tip to the dudes out on the curb weathering the elements....I like to help them out and they help me out.

Something about the Salt Lake City airport...if terminal 3 is open I prefer to go through the security check there.  NO LINES.  No Lines!  It's a wonderful secret.  So next time you're here ask if terminal 3 is open.

I usually travel on Delta - I think I am almost due for a free plane ticket, yes!  But if I would have used my brains I would have signed up for the Delta American Express card in the would have saved me a bundle in baggage fees this year!  I am definitely getting one upon my return.

Several trips ago I swore off traveling with books.  I never read on the plane, plus they are heavy and take up valuable space - I was only taking them because that's what you do when you travel, right?  Well.  This time I brought a book:


Probably the heaviest book I could have packed into my bag.  We'll see how many chapters I get through.


I land in Portland and the rental car lady is quite nice.  I remind her of Alyson Hannigan and she finds out about the origin of my name and about my I get a great discount on an upgrade vehicle.  Shout out to the lady behind the counter if you're reading this!!!  Thanks, you rock!


The coast is an important place to me.  The room overlooks the waves rolling, rolling, rolling in and I am starting to become re-calibrated.  Water, Earth, Air.  That is the essence of the coast and I am searching for something related to design and how I can apply it to a residential setting.  I feel free here near the vast, endless waves.  It opens me and I am unbound by mortality.

I wish I had more time here.


Day 2: Saturday

Friday ended with a rainy walk on the beach and me getting over my much as I love airports and the places that airplanes take me - I don't love the relationship that my inner ear and motion have, it puts me out.  I wear "seabands" when I travel, but sometimes all that can really make things better when I land is a nap and a steak.


But waking up to sun and blue skies made the wooziness all worth it



And so time on the beach was enjoyed.

More coming!